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Salvaged Cars | Sunset Beach | Des Moines, IA
Welcome to Sunset Beach Auto Salvage yard, where we have been selling used auto parts or salvage auto parts for over 40 years. The used auto parts business has changed dramatically over the years, but the principle remains the same “people need to fix the cars they drive.” New parts can be costly, but purchasing a used part saves money and may get you on the road faster. Cars that have been wrecked or have mechanical damage are great donors to repair other cars and keep them on the road. We purchase and dismantle cars from salvage pools, insurance companies, and even from private individuals who have no place to go with their damaged cars. We provide a storage area for these cars, assign each with its own stock number to help us track the parts, and inventory all used auto parts to resell to the public at a substantial savings to our customers.

We have a huge inventory!

Customers can check our inventory of used auto parts or auto body parts online, or call us to see if we have what they are looking for. Then we make payment arrangements and schedule a time to pull parts off. The used auto parts business is not always easy to keep up with, as each year all the auto manufactures come out with new models, and we need to keep up with past models. We purchase foreign, domestic, and small trucks.
Junkyard | Sunset Beach | Des Moines, IA
We keep between 800 and 1500 cars in our salvage yard. When the cars get to a point where they have been stripped of most of the recycled auto parts, we have the hulls sent to a shredding facility to complete the recycling of the vehicle. If we do not have the used auto part that you are looking for we will make great efforts to find the part for you or give suggestions where you can get the part you need.
Helping customers keep their cars on the road for the past 40 years has been very rewarding.

We have pulled, sold, and installed parts and we plan to keep buying, selling, and providing used auto parts for the Des Moines public and on the World Wide Web for many years to come.