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Auto Body Parts in Des Moines, Iowa

Sometimes when we purchase used cars they have minor problems, like damaged fenders or doors. Any time you are shopping for auto body parts it's very important to get a complete list of all the parts you need for the repair. Body shops give out estimates to insurance companies, private parties, and repair facilities. These estimates are great ways to get a list of auto body parts for the repair.

Cars have became complicated enough that the average person can not repair the car without having help from an outside source, however they still try. We specialize in used auto body parts, but if we do not have the parts our customers are looking for, we can shop the aftermarket suppliers to get them. New aftermarket parts are primed for paint, which makes them quicker to get installed because there is no paint stripping, only painting and installing.
Car dent — salvage auto parts in Des Miones, IA

We have a wide variety of parts

When we purchase wrecked cars, we inspect all the body parts for damage. We inventory all the sellable auto body parts and all also mechanical parts. It is impossible to know what parts customers will need to repair their cars, but if you have several of the same cars available with many different auto body parts available the chances are greater you can complete the customer's order.

There are many places to get parts for your car and salvage yards can be a one stop shop. We purchase wrecked cars every day, and we have over 1000 cars on hand. We have access to new aftermarket parts, we are connected to the internet, and we spend a great deal of time helping our customers repair their cars supplying any auto body parts or mechanical parts necessary. Sometimes we purchase cars that need minor repairs and fix them up to resell.

Repairable autos are a great way to get a newer car for a lot less than purchasing a new car. You can buy the car with damage and repair it yourself, or hire someone to repair it for you – either way Sunset Beach Auto Parts is happy to be here for all your auto parts needs.