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Salvaged auto parts have become easier than ever to find. In the old days the only way people could find places to purchase salvaged auto parts was by word of mouth. When you had something you could no longer use, or something was broken or damaged, it was hauled off to a “Junk Yard”. Our industry has had an extremely hard time getting rid of the stigma of the junk yards. As the demand for auto parts started to increase due to the amount of cars on the road, it became clearer that the need to have places to get parts had to be easier to find. Cars and trucks started getting separated form other discarded household items, and placed in salvage yards.
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Owners of these new salvage yards had to find new ways to promote themselves, to help get potential clients to them. Some began adverting in news papers or local phone books. This helped people find places to buy salvage auto parts, but keeping track of what was in the salvage yard was usually only as good as the owners memory of what he had in his salvage yard. Keeping track of inventory became more and more important in generating more sales for the salvage yard owner.
With the increase and the variety of vehicles being built, it became clear that one owner could not get every kind of car, but sharing inventory with other salvage yard owners would help both owners sell more parts. Originally this was done with “long lines” a predecessor to the modern computer. People call in looking for a part, if you did not have it you call out over the lines in search of the salvaged auto part, and if a fellow salvage yard had the part they call you and everyone makes a sale. This method was effective, but the modern computer has turned the salvaged auto parts industry into a multi-billion dollar industry. With the introduction of the world wide web, if you know where to look you can easily find almost anything you are looking for and keeping track of not only your inventory but many others as well.
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Today if you are looking to buy a salvaged auto part it is as easy as picking up your cell phone and giving us a call at 515-266-5201!