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The whole world is finally beginning to worry about the environment and the damage that may be occurring to the planet. Salvage yards have been combating this from the beginning, selling recycled auto parts and keeping them off the streets and out of fields and river beds. Cars have many chemicals and batteries that can be harmful if they are not disposed of correctly.

The Department of Natural Resources has very strict guidelines that all salvage yards are required to follow to keep their licenses. One of the great things about recycled auto parts is the ability to reuse pieces to repair damaged parts of other vehicles. Scrap tires are ground up and the rubber is used for resurfacing roads, and also making soft tiles used on playgrounds. We also drain oil from vehicles to heat our shop during the winter. After all redeemable parts have been removed from the cars, the hulls are sent out to a shredding facility where the metals are broken down into smaller pieces and separated in to ferrous (magnetic) or none ferrous (non magnetic) piles and then melted down and reprocessed into new metals for new projects. Plastics from shredded vehicles can also be turned into new recycled auto parts, such as door panels or bumpers for new cars.

Most of the cars that are being built today use materials that have come from recycled auto parts and shredding facilities. Metal is the most common reusable part that comes from salvage autos, but as technology changes, more and more parts of cars are being recycled into new parts and the cycle continues. Every day accidents happen, and cars are either damaged to the point where they can not be repaired, or fixable light damage occurs and replacing parts puts the car back to normal working condition, either way the need for recycled auto parts continues to grow.

The more people who join in the race to save the planet, the greater the need to recycle will become, since salvage yards have been recycling from the beginning , we can take the lead supplying recycled auto parts to customers now and in the future.